About last night…..

I could tell something wasn’t quite right when I walked into the house and Miss S looked at me.

“Hey what’s the matter baby?”

“We cannot get naughty tonight……sorry”, she smiled up at me a bit sheepishly.

“Oh….I see…”, I sighed.

Now I really don’t mean for this to sound horrible but I was really unhappy. I know for you ladies the time of the month can be particularly uncomfortable time and the last thing you need is a unsupportive guy but Miss S and I had kinda been building up to last night over the past 10 to 11 days. She’d had a few orgasms to my none, we’d been out sexy lingerie shopping for me to utterly denied anything when we got home. I had been living with the slim hope that any day soon Miss S would allow me some sexual release – hopefully whilst she was riding my raging-hard cock buried deep inside her wonderful pussy.

But no. Now its at least another 6-7 days away unless I go and do myself – something that’s getting harder and harder to resist…

I went upstairs to get changed and when I came down Miss S came over and hugged me.

“I’m sorry darling, I know you wanted to make love tonight. I did too. I really wanted you to cum inside me and fill me with all that lovely cum you’ve been saving up for me.”, she whispered.

” Don’t worry baby, its only a fee more days….”, I sighed as I went to sit down.

I withdrew a bit into myself wondering if I could wait a few more days I love her soooo much but I felt really unhappy.

During dinner we hardly spoke and that was pretty much the pattern for the rest of the night before I said I was off to have a shower and then to bed for an early night.

When I got out the shower I found Miss S already in bed lying on her side facing away from me.

Now during my shower I was thinking how much of a sulk I’d been so instead of being a miserable git I hopped in bed and snuggled up behind her and began to rub her shoulders.

“I am so sorry darling”, she sighed back over her shoulder.

“Shhhhh baby its okay let’s just have some cuddles and kisses okay”

And with that she rolled over and faced me before nearly snogging my face off….

“Wow baby where did that come from?”

“Nowhere its always here”, she pointed to her chest.

“I love you Mr and I’m gonna prove it to you now”, she smiled before kissing me again. As she did she reached down towards my cock and slipped her hand in my shorts and took hold of my now hardening cock.

“Baby its okay you don’t have to do anything its okay I’ll wait….”, I whispered back.

It did feel really good though and by now I was raging hard and her hand began to slowly pump me.

“Hmmm where are your panties Mr ? I want you to wear some for me that way I know you’ll get to feel something nice touching you every day while we have to wait….”

“In my drawer darling, should I get some now…?”, I sighed as she continued to pump me, hoping shed say not right away….

“In a minute darling I’m not done with you yet….would you like me to make you cum…”, she whispered.

“God yeah baby…..but I want to cum inside you….”, I sighed in frustration.

She began to pump harder and I could feel the effect beginning to get me close..

“Baby I’m getting close, be careful…”

“Oh I know what I’m doing….”, she teased.

She then stopped. Her hand slid out of my shorts pulled the waistband up and moved away.

“You can put your panties on now I think that’s enough for tonight I don’t want any accidents do we…”

“God I love you baby, you know exactly how to push my buttons don’t you”, I sighed slightly frustrated that she was no longer gonna play with my cock.

“Well yeah I know. Come on Mr, panties on now. I think the sexy red satin ones too. You can wear them all night and all day tomorrow for me too”

So I quickly hopped out of bed went to my drawer picked out the red and black satin panties she bought me a few weeks ago, removed my shorts and put them on.


I hopped back into bed and cuddled back up to Miss S. Who reached down and ran her finger up the front of my panties along my hard cock and pulled the up waist band a bit more to try and cover me up.

“I love you Mr. I love you my sexy panty wearing man”, she smiled and kissed me.

“I love you too baby….”, I whispered back.

We cuddled and kissed a bit more and with a final run of her finger over my cock in my panties we went to sleep cuddling each other.


Teasing texts…

Miss S: “I sooo need to cum right now Mr, shall I use my toy or wait for your cock later?”

Me: “Please wait baby I’m dying to cum inside you, its been 11 days!! 😦 ”

Miss S: “Is that all?, that’s not that long really ;-p ”

Me: “It is when I’ve seen you cum at least 3 times since I’ve last cum baby, I’m going crazy”

Miss S: “No, I think I will have a little cum 🙂 Back in a bit Mr…love you XXX”

Me: “Noooooo!!!”

Later today…

Miss S told me last night we may be making love tomorrow night (today)…..

I can’t wait as I’ve not cum now for 11 days!!!!  😦

I know I can whenever I want, I suppose, but I prefer not too as I feel I’m letting Miss S down if I do.

Fingers crossed for later 🙂

Will it always be black..?

I couldn’t believe it, she just had to cum again and couldn’t wait a few more seconds for me to put on the second stocking and my sexy new panties….

I stood there again and watched as she eased her panties to one side and slowly with an expectant sigh slid the toy between her legs and began to fuck herself with it…

I can tell you right now and as much as I wanted to fuck her and fill her with cum just watching her and seeing how much pleasure she was getting made me sooo happy for her.

She saw me watching and told me to hurry or she’d get tired tired from cumming and fall asleep.

I quickly sat back down and balled up the second stocking like how she did and eased it onto my foot and began to pull it carefully up my leg. I struggled a bit with the rear fastener as I had to stand up and sort of twist my body around a bit. The front one was easy. Next was the gorgeously silky black satin panties.

I looked over at Miss S, who was now furiously working the toy in and out of her pussy. Her eyes were closed and she’d brought her knees up and spread her legs wider, what a sight it was….such determination…..I was dumbfounded.

Then with her telltale, almost smug little smile, closely followed with her eyes closing she came again for what I think was the third time…

“Hmmmm that feels soooooo nice”, she purred contentedly.

“Nearly done baby just putting on my panties now”, I said as quickly stepped into them and pulled them up over my suspenders and on.

“I don’t care….”, she sighed and rolled over onto her side, facing away from me…

“But baby I’m now ready, look I’m dressed in the new sexy gear you bought me”, I tried in vain to talk her round.

“That’s nice….and I’m sure you look sexy but I’m too tired now….I think I’m gonna have a little nap….”, she purred.

“But baby I’m dying to get naughty with you….and really NEED to cum”, I pleaded.

“No you don’t”, she sighed and pulled the covers fully up and snuggled in to go to sleep…

So once again I’m left utterly frustrated as Miss S has not 2 but 3 orgasms whilst I’m getting dressed up in some sexy black lingerie. I thought we could’ve had a good long session of naughtiness both dressed up so sexy……

I flopped back on the bed and look over to the pink satin Basque hanging up on the wardrobe door and wondered if she will ever be a “good girl” and wear it…..

Looking back over to her dozing after having her 3 orgasms dressed all in “bad girl’ black I doubted it very much….

To be continued…..Maybe???

My First Stockings…part 2.

I picked up the black satin bustier and wrapped it around my body and began to do up the hook and eye fasteners, as Miss S continued to play with her toy….as I finished doing the bustier up and slid it around my chest and hoisted it up so the bra cups were at the front Miss S achieved her orgasm.

“Oooooh that’s soooo gooooood”, she sighed..

I just stood there and watched as she slid the toy out from between her legs and pulled her gorgeous little panties back into place.

“Hmmmm that was soooo good watching you get dressed in your new lingerie as I was playing with my toy. Soon you’ll be dressed just like me and you’ll know how sexy it makes you feel to wear stockings and suspenders”, she sighed as yet another toy induced orgasm washed over her….

“That pushed me over the edge then watching you put on your bustier, you’ll do anything to fuck me won’t you…”, she teased as she switched off her toy.

“Yeah I will…”, I smile back and begin to walk towards her as I want to kiss her…

“Oh no you don’t, not until you’re dressed in ALL your gorgeous new Lingerie, how does your bustier feel?”, she smiled.

“Hmmm…its a bit tight around my chest breathing in it feels a bit strange…”, I sighed as I reached down and picked up the tiny black panties to put on next.

“Don’t worry you’ll get used to it but don’t put your panties on just yet, put your suspenders on first”, she purred as reached out to pick up the packet of stockings and open them for me.

“You need to put on your suspenders and stockings next, then put on your panties so they go over the top of your suspender straps or you won’t be able to remove your panties…”, she smiled.

“Ahhh yes I see….”, I smiled back not really understanding but as I was in bit of a hurry to get ready I didn’t stop to ask her for more details…

So I put the sexy little panties down and picked up the black satin and lacy suspender belt, undid the fastening and wrapped it around my waist and did it up and, just like the bustier, slid it around so the straps for the stockings hung down the front and back of my legs….

“Sit down darling let me help you with your first stocking ok stretch your leg out and point your toe”, she smiled at me as she hopped off the bed and dropped to her knees and gently eased the sheer black stocking over my foot and slowly began to ease the fine sheer material up my leg.

“You are gonna love how they feel but next time I think we’ll definitely shave your legs first….they will feel a LOT better trust me.

As she got to the top of my leg she tapped my thigh indicating I should stand up. As I did she firmly pulled the lacy top of the stocking up and began to fasten the suspender fastenings to the top of the stocking.

I felt really strange as the stocking was pulling on the strap but I have to admit the way it made my leg look sleek and shiny now that it was encased in the black stocking had a very profound effect on my cock. It was rock hard.

“There darling your halfway there, feels nice doesn’t it wearing stockings? Now sit back down and try to put the other one yourself….my pussy needs some more attention and I need to cum again so hurry up with your stockings put your panties on and come and join me in bed”, she sighed as she handed me the second stocking before lying back down on the bed and switching her toy back on.

To be continued…..

My first stockings…..

“Ahem”, I coughed as I stood at the foot of the bed watching her play…she was wearing the black satin corset, black suspender panties stockings and some of her “fuck me” heels. She looked fucking amazingly hot as she worked her toy on her pussy.

“Ahhhhh that’s soooo good….”, she sighed with her eyes closed ignoring me…completely lost in the pursuit of her orgasm.

Then she frowned and bit her bottom lip and began to thrust her pelvis back and forward fucking her toy… Her orgasm was very close. Suddenly she opened her eyes and stared right at me, looking almost straight through me and then she closed her eyes again and came…it was a hard one too I could tell.

God I love watching her cum, its almost as good as cumming myself…..

As her orgasm began to dissipate she opened her eyes and smiled up at me.

” Thank you for my new sexy black corset and suspender panties darling hmmmmn do I look good…. “, she purred….

“Oh my God yeah baby so so good”, I replied transfixed as she reached down by the side of the bed and picked up the little bag of lingerie, that she bought for me….

“Here this is for you…..I do hope you moisturised your legs Mr? You should have shaved them really especially as this is your first stockings”, she sighed as handed the bag to me.

I took it from her and opened the little bag after removing some tissue paper I took out a packet of black stockings, a pair of black and lace satin panties, matching bra and at the bottom of the bag was the suspender belt. I laid it on the bed as I took in what I was about to do…I was about to put on a bra again with panties but also I was going to try on some stockings too, something I’ve never even thought of doing. Okay I’ve worn panties a few times even have a few pairs of my own and then I wore a bra that time but stockings and suspenders…. And she even said I should’ve shaved my legs….

My new lingerie:

download shopping

My God it was soooo sexy and really kinky but where would this end…

I was rudely brought back to earth when I heard the buzzing sound of her toy start up again…. I looked down to see her her ease her panties to one side and slide it inside her pussy….

“Come on Mr get dressed I want you to dressed as a girl when I cum on your cock, so hurry up or my toy will have all the fun and NOT you…”, she sighed as she slowly eased her toy in and out of her pussy.

To be continued…..